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Artificial Intelligence
We have developed a new way to fight against COVID-19 by creating the facial recognition technology that can identify people without the removal of their face masks.

Facial Recognition Technology

Messenger2050’s Facial recognition software is built to analyze images of human faces for the purpose of identifying them in fast and accurate way, capable of identifying a person in a crowd of thousands in a split second. Facial recognition software can be used for general surveillance in combination with public video cameras, and it can be used in a passive way that doesn’t require the knowledge, consent, or participation of the subject.

Our facial recognition software recognize the eye, nose, mouth, and ears to identify an individual whose picture is already supplied, either by the individual or in a criminal database even when wearing a mask or having beard or anything similar to cover the face, our facial recognition software identify a person in a crowd. Find offenders by face features, trace their route and spot possible accomplices in a split second. With the help of persons, work with the dossiers becomes more intuitive and effective. Create or add information to the dossier in a couple of clicks. The face and silhouette counting function can be used to monitor queues and waiting areas, public meetings, prevent crowding, etc. Our facial recognition technology will give you a complete picture of the ongoing events and provide a sound basis for making quick decisions based on real data.


Our Facial Recognition technology can be easily integrated into third-party solutions such as border and travel management, access control, ID check, security/video surveillance, and to be used in broad ways that help people set policy or enhance awareness campaigns.

We are providing facial recognition technology services to our clients in our Hospital Management Software Heartbeat Network to fight against COVID-19 by creating the facial recognition technology that can identify people without the removal of their face masks for their existing and future needs.


Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant

Intelligent virtual personal assistant (IVPA) is a technology based on artificial intelligence. Our AI software uses a device’s microphone to receive voice requests while the voice output takes place at the speaker. But the most exciting thing happens between these two actions. It is a combination of several different technologies: voice recognition, voice analysis and language processing. Messenger2050 Intelligent virtual personal assistant (Jasmine) is an important achievement, which have become an indispensable part of the ubiquitous digitalization process. Jasmine is your intelligent personal assistant who will write down your notes by just receiving voice commands which you can save and use it whenever. Jasmine can also read your notes back to you and search for anything by speaking to her. Along with PC Jasmine can be use in all gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and also smart watches now.

Virtual Agent for Contact Center

A virtual agent is a future of contact centers our virtual agents helps to reducing expenses within contact center operations, it’s a one of the best ways to reduce the amount of time that live agents spend on the phone. Messenger2050 Technologies is a leading provider of virtual agents for contact centers that helping organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale. A Messenger2050 Intelligent Virtual Agent is an AI-powered, SaaS-based software application that serves as a virtual team member and autonomously engages contacts, prospects, customers, or partners in human-like, two-way interactions at scale to accelerate revenue across the lifecycle of a customer. We are providing virtual agent techology services to our clients in our Contact Center Solution Software Commtel to assist them providing best business solutions for their existing and future needs.

BOT Live Chat Agent Service

If your website is considered your virtual showroom, consider BOT agent your virtual sales force. When your potential customers enter your virtual showroom, our BOT live chat agents are there to connect with them to provide the personal interaction that sets you apart from your competition. We are providing BOT Live Chat Agent technology services to our clients in our Live Chat Software Livechat2050 to assist them providing best business solutions for their existing and future needs.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Today Artificial intelligence development is a value-added technology to any business and the struggle for businesses. Machine Learning are penetrating every aspect of business, from Virtual Assistant/Agent being deployed to assist customers to AI-driven platforms being harnessed to automate sales processes. Messenger2050 Technologies offers Artificial Intelligence Development as a 360-degree service and help businesses build cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to achieve a first-mover advantage to be a leader in the better future.

We help you with developing a range of Artificial Intelligence solutions and to gain high-quality, high-accuracy AI capabilities that enables building highly scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions that learn and think like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition and Machine Learning feature.

We are devoted to designing artificial intelligence operations that are self-oriented and connection-aware. The strongest ideas and products designed by our company of experts are developed based on high-end and modern technological progress. To get Messenger2050 Artificial Intelligent Development Services, you will certainly achieve the benefit of minimized labor and infrastructure cost.


Our AI Services Include:

Machine learning
Our specialist of our company expertise the empower and make allows your firm with machine learning technology that can understand complex data, identify models and recognize aims.
Natural language processing
We are masters in Natural Language Processing extension that lets the device to guess and include what server speak and write, translate the connection and opinions and take proper operations.
Cognitive Service
With the aid of our Artificial Intelligence development to your business can customize for your digitally automated that supports a new system of operations to expand productivity.
Predictive analytics
Our Services assist you with divine business conditions or sales investigation and get to identify consumer fulfillment. We develop and optimize machine mode and improve sales execution behavior.
Chatbot Development
It is a recently combined flow to stay closer to clients. We recommend companies in generating Chabot those benefits in attachment to the web page and mobile app in a space to present the unique user experience.
Deep Learning
The algorithms improve to provide tremendous ROI in a wide range. But the effort required is completely important. Our AI developers can develop your business with the mixture of deep learning in a uniform way.

Fast and precise results

Enable devices & machines to operate continuously without the breaks thereby supplying faster and appropriate results.

Error-free and efficient

The main purpose behind artificial intelligence development is to supply applications that utilize a greater amount of precision.

Superior digital assistance

Capable of offering almost every work with case, AI has integrated with significant part of numerous fields of technologies to provide electronic digital assistance.

Increased Automation

AI automation can help in the reduced amount of operational expenses and intensive real human labor for several types of companies & businesses.

Extends and Expands

For our clients to make powerful business choices we impart enterprise based decision management using efficient algorithms and predictive systems.

Security Solutions

While discussing artificial intelligence, safety measures goes parallel together; we try to deliver most guaranteed and astounding projects to our consumers.

Industries, Our Artificial Intelligence Applications Works Retail

With many areas of innovation, AI directed bigger industry people in retail for the advance degree. AI use has proved very effective by top rated retail industry competitors.

  • Provides Proof-of-existence of any document.
  • Client-data management through accessibility of personal records
  • A smart contract – that states the condition of data access on the blockchain
  • Blockchain enables to store healthcare records throughout the entire span of your work, from childhood to old age. This not only improves quality of care delivered but reduces errors.
We help organizations from the training sector to put into practice AI built in e-learning devices to attract passionate learners. We offer predictive and suggestion engines for the educational area and enable you to motivate the learners through personalized learning with quick aimed and corrective suggestions.
We assist you to gain AI assistance benefit in medical care unit to control medical details and data, automate repetitive responsibilities, custom treatment design and style based on past medical history, give digital appointment, expedite the procedure of choosing correct insurance policies, anticipate health predicated on symptoms, monitor health care through examination, and inspire for simple living.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is merely now acquiring its market in manufacturing. Because of the technology, growth and costs fall as manufacturers uncover applications AI included applications that may make complex choices efficiently.
We aid e-commerce businesses work with varied types of AI to comprehend their clients and their behaviors, and generate sales opportunities by providing a sophisticated customer working experience. We help you with virtual test technology, identify potential prospects, goal and retarget the clients, improve tips, and sales operations through higher level of personalization by applying AI systems at different ranges.
Intelligent Blockchain
We get the synergy of AI and blockchain to provide bug-free smart deals, reduce investment price on human security audit, scalability, optimize sustainability and increase proficiency as the data keeper.
Travel & Hospitality
Artificial intelligence is usually playing an extremely important role within the vacation and hospitality field. Because of AI infused hospitality and travel, App performs anytime of your day. This potentially implies that hotel owners can save important money, eliminate human errors and deliver outstanding service.

Why Messenger2050 Technologies is Your Best Choice?

We are the best AI development Companies, Our Digitally considered plans are added professedly to grant the pole with the professional abilities assured to know a market matter for Artificial Intelligence expense. The presence is several businesses that delay, backward this digital bearing does not have sufficient intelligence regarding Artificial Intelligence to maximize its complete potential. Our AI Development department core purpose is to build technology, codes and systems that experience the natural language methods which allow the machines to recognize, understand and include common languages that humans converse and communicate; along with remaining able to understand the contextual knowledge of the language, underlying attitudes to take relevant actions. Messenger2050 Technologies offers help regarding robotic process industrialization, machine learning, computer insight, and cognitive center of distinction. Grow your surviving or new company with our amazing Artificial Intelligence services.
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